Summer consumptions: things enjoyed

by Brittany Grace

– petite Brown Turkish figs from Adrian’s CSA box before walks around Inman Park

– spicy, delicate tamales and hibiscus tea from Roque’s Carnitas on the Plaza in Santa Fe. (Roque Garcia will serve you while explaining the origins of your food and the history of his cart – one that pioneered the small street food movement of his city)

– Fried catfish and barbecue pork from a truck stop in Arkansas. I can’t remember the name of this place but it was the very first place Daniel and I stopped to eat on our way to the Grand Canyon. The billboards for it are monstrous along I-40 and, supposedly, Billy Bob Thornton likes to go there, along with an assortment of country singers and beauty queens.

– A fluffy biscuit from Reynoldstown’s charming new gem, Home Grown

– Raw Alice Waters-inspired tomato sauce with backyard basil and creamy blobs of fresh melted mozzarella

– King of Pops honeydew basil popsicle

– Greenleaf Farm okra sauteed with cumin, local honey, and salt and pepper over a bed of tomato rice

– 4 th of July blueberries from Sarah’s grandparents’ backyard in Alabama I (I tried really hard not to eat all of the ones I picked, so I could make something exquisite with them…but failed. The temptation of unadulterated July berries en masse was too great, and they were consumed in their raw, all-natural state of glory).

– Watermelon from Ava’s stand one block north of the Krog tunnel.

– Lauren’s Early Grey ice cream sandwich during my first shift at Miller Union (what a divine way to start a job). The lady has boat loads of talent. These ice cream sandwiches go far beyond any previous expectation you may have had for the paper-wrapped dessert.

– Speaking of Earl Grey…Becky’s gin martinis of the same name could almost be famous, they are so delicious.

– Fresh boiled corn on the cobb (no butter necessary due to the already buttery, peak-season taste) with roasted chicken

– Atlanta Fresh port wine and cherry yogurt

– The Day Spa at Sauced – a drink with lavender infused gin?!

I would gladly bathe in this stuff.  In fact, if I were a princess in another country, with anteaters and sloths for pets, and my own seahorse aquarium, and a 10 acre tomato farm, and a cheese shop for a basement…I would definitely use the Day Spa as my bath water. So what if it’s sticky? I can omit a few ingredients, like the dill. Or go whole hog and bathe in the gin alone!

– Coconut water with pineapple juice. Introduced to coconut water on the streets of Ecuador last summer, and became smitten with it. Did you know it used to be given intravenously to war victims with blood loss? It has more potassium than a banana and more electrolytes than a Gatorade.