Thank you

by Brittany Grace

Thanks, y’all. The Atlanta Street Food Coalition owes the success of last weeks’ events to you.

The Street Food Soiree was held at the Hub in Midtown. Despite the iffy weather/initial rain shower, quite a number of people showed up. It seemed like a lot of them were ASFC virgins who haven’t attended an Urban Picnic due to work constraints. Once the rain cleared and the night arrived, there was an enthusiastic crowd milling about the shadows of Midtown’s tall-ish buildings.

ASFC's first Soiree success, photo courtesy of the Good Food Truck

I was a little stressed, since I am still serving treats from a table (actually, my own kitchen table, that was once my parents, and before that, my grandparents) instead of an actual truck. Setting up the table and having almost everything get soaking wet, thinking how the hell am I gonna serve heirloom tomato and field pea salad in this mess?!, The Hub organizers graciously let me set up temporary shop inside the building. This was a plus and a minus.

Westside Creamery truck, photo courtesy of

Surprisingly, the first visitors to Grace’s Goodness included new friends from Crop Mob – Atlanta who even brought family. This melted my heart a little. Other people came in the building to use the bathroom – not the best time to buy lemonade – but many of them stopped by the table, interested, and purchased a thing or two before mingling in the twinkling, goody-filled parking lot.

I was also very happy to receive a group of friends who brought along their own party in the form of Guinness poured discreetly into plastic cups (thank you, “Danimal” Martinez).

The next day,  ASFC held its’ monthly Urban Picnic, which takes place the last Friday of the month in back of the Sweet Auburn Market.

Click here for a slideshow of the event, with lovely photos by Mr. Brad Kaplan (who captured the Picnic spirit perfectly)!

Menu for Thursday's Soiree, drawn up by the pretty Sarah James Lowe

Most of my own friends were busy working or out of town, and I was wondering how strangers would receive my little table of:

– Homemade pimento cheese with H & F toast points

– Heirloom tomatoes and black eyed pea (vegan) salad

– Organic blueberry tea and lemonade

Thankfully, strangers were interested and complimentary. I especially liked meeting a new friend visiting from the west coast, Andrea, who has her own food blog and had never tasted real pimento cheese (imagine)!

I also had the pleasure of working next to Hayley Richardson, who is leaving the city for the greener grasses of Seattle. She has been instrumental in the street food movement of Atlanta, and I wish her lots and lots of success.

Hayley and Artichoke Bliss, photo courtesy of

So, thank you, to those of you who tasted Grace’s Goodness.

Thanks to you who came back Friday for more.

Thanks to you who are really interested in seeing this movement flourish.

Thank you Sarah and Lisa Lowe, who helped me get my stuff together in a moment of need, while Laura nursed an awful kidney stone. And thank you mom, for being the supportive, lovely lady that you are.

Sidenote: the pimento cheese is going to be a consistent GG menu item, while the rest of the menu will stay seasonal. Look for a family pimento cheese recipe coming soon (includes how to make good mayo and roast perfect peppers).