Christmas excitement is not just for kids, you know

by Brittany Grace

I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting the blog in order to keep the physical aspect of Grace’s Goodness in good shape. And in good shape, it is! Between local catering events, logo creation, and winter farmers markets, things are getting more exciting every week.  Simply selling out at the Farmers Market despite the bitter cold wind and a singed hand make me feel hopeful that this little business can do what it is setting out to do – to make honest, local food accessible to everyone. I am counting down the weeks until I have saved enough money to  actually purchase the truck that will become the darling of Grace’s Goodness.

Today, feeling a little under the weather, I had takeout egg drop soup for lunch. My favorite part of takeout is opening the fortune cookie at the end. Fortune cookies are charming because despite the rather vapid taste of the cookie, there is always that rectangular slip of paper, waiting to impart a nugget of wisdom, or open a window into the future, for your dessert. And look what I got today!!!

This is getting framed, and going into the Grace's Goodness truck.

This  reminds me of being a kid, and waiting with unprecedented anticipation and curiosity for Christmas to come, in hopes that I would get the giant trampoline my 5th-grade body was aching for. My 28-year old self has been aching to get the truck in motion, with anticipation and excitement that I’ve never quite felt before.  I am giddy about my fortune today, like I was giddy about my trampoline that I discovered one Christmas morning in the nineties.

I hope you find something to be equally excited about this holiday season.