Swiss chard is for lovers

by Brittany Grace

Yesterday, I was given the gift of a beautiful bunch of freshly picked swiss chard.

Today, I got up too early for someone who stayed up all night on Friday and had a brief 3 hour interlude of sleep on Saturday.  This is my definition of being busy.

I had a lot on my mind upon waking…and thought about going back to sleep to put my mind at ease. Instead, I channeled my energy on the fresh picked chard, and created an omelet for myself and the still-sleeping boyfriend.

Food therapy.

The omelet consisted of chard, a touch of butter, garlic, sea salt, and cheddar, with a bit of Riverview farms grass feed ground beef.

I had actually meant to use Riverview’s breakfast sausage, but in my sleepy state, didn’t discern the packaging difference until the beef was already sizzling on the stove. I threw in a bit of cayenne, garlic, cracked pepper, and hot sauce to make it less hamburger-like. Oops.

The chard is what made the omelet delicious. Upon sauteeing it, I couldn’t help lifting a leaf out here and there to taste. These leaves have such an earthy, sweet flavor, it seems more delicate and sophisticated than other varieties of greens.

And how could you argue with the sophistication of a vegetable that has vibrant veins of yellow and pink pulsing through its body?

As Daniel and I ate, we talked about the difference in taste profiles of freshly picked greens versus bagged versions. Greens picked out of the ground and in the same day thrown into a skillet have a taste like nothing else.

I suppose our endorphins light up during the instant gratification our bodies feel when ingesting chlorophyll.

My endorphins also light up cooking omelets, savoring a late breakfast, and chatting about the taste of lettuces over coffee and orange juice. For a few minutes, all the tribulations of work and life and family and friends melt away, and it’s just me, my swiss chard, and my love.

Happy Sunday.

Swiss chard and cheddar omelet – heartily serves 2

You need:

5 eggs

A bunch of fresh swiss chard

A couple of small pats of butter

One garlic glove

A few slices of your favorite cheddar

Sea salt and cracked pepper

Peel and chop garlic; melt the butter in a good sized skillet and allow garlic to turn a golden hue. Tear pieces of chard and add to pan. I usually do this in stages – there is so much chard in a bunch that you cannot add it all to the pan at once. Sautee chard, butter and garlic until aromatic and slightly wilted; transfer to a small bowl. Continue adding chard, butter and chopped garlic to pan and transferring until all chard is cooked. Then use the skillet to melt another pat of butter – put the oven on low or medium-low. Crack the eggs and whisk with salt and pepper; add to pan. Wait for eggs to begin bubbling just a touch, and the outer rim of the eggs to solidify. Add chard and small bits of cheddar. Observe a few minutes, and fold omelet when things look like they’re beginning to set. Allow omelet to continue cooking just a couple of minutes to marry the flavors and get the cheese to melt.

Serve with fresh fruit.