Time flies when you’re…

by Brittany Grace

Even the weeds look pretty.

April, you surprised the hell out of me. Maybe it was the unseasonably warm February and March, or the outrageous pollen count, or the shocking display of flower blossoms so early in the year. I just can’t believe you’re already here.

At Grace’s Goodness, it felt like I had been getting ready for the arrival of a long-lost friend: running around cleaning, cooking, getting really excited, wanting everything in your home to be perfect, when she shows up on your doorstep a few hours early, while you’re donning rubber gloves and scrubbing the bathtub.

Dogwood, Decatur farmers market

It’s that coming-alive-thing that gets me…it seems to effect so much more than plants and weather.

And it’s quite interesting to see your business begin to spring to life in rhythm with the season. I just wasn’t prepared to feel like everything was moving so fast.

Grace’s Goodness is now an LLC.

The Grace’s Goodness truck is finally on its way to wellness.

Barbara, patron saint of food truck safe houses, helps tear down old decal

Flowers and herbs have been planted.

Wedding menus have been planned.

Meetings have been attended.

Business plans have been reconstructed.

Picnics have been enjoyed.

Daniel "wrestles" the picnic blanket.

Recipes have been exchanged and perfected.

Franco, of Antico Mercante, gives me the secret to perfect insalata russa

The street food scene in Atlanta is gaining momentum, slowly but surely.

There is a street food summit tomorrow from 10am till noon at the Helene S. Mills Senior Center. Inquiring minds will have the opportunity to chat with Kwanza Hall himself about legalities related to street food in this city. After that food trucks will be lined up at the curb of the Sweet Auburn Market to provide the tastiest of lunches.

Grace’s Goodness will be (quietly) setting up shop next to the Trycyle Glass tent sale outside of Urban Cottage, in Virginia-Highlands.

On the menu: pecan butter-tupelo honey sammies, pimento cheese sammies, red beet hummus and crudite, spring pea, mint and goat cheese salads, and basil lemonade.

In another month, you’ll be able to experience this goodness out of the Goodness-mobile, legally.

Until then, GG will continue selling treats at the Decatur farmers market, anticipating the opening of other summer markets, and catering events and weddings.

Time to take off the rubber gloves and pour a few glasses of wine. There’s a lot of catching up to do.

Next recipe post: pork shoulder tacos with bok choy-radish slaw.