Remember summer?

by Brittany Grace

I do.


There were these gorgeous dragon beans in June, waiting inconspicuously on my front porch step, a gift from a thoughtful neighbor with a bountiful harvest. 


And the arrival of perfectly ripe figs, and the blooming of fuchsia zinnias.


An explosion of freckles, a perfectly spotted palette of pigment on my sister’s fair, flawless skin.


And the food I’m craving during this time of year, more than any other time: rotund, vibrant globes of tomato from the garden across the street from my abode. Picked on the hottest day of the year, my shirt was damp before I even finished picking. The ultimate refreshment. 

Timeless tomato sandwiches (just a little winter teasing, to remind you what’s ahead)

Plain white bread

Mayonnaise (making it yourself, with egg yolk and slowly whisked in oil, can be extra rewarding, if you allow the time)

Fresh, sun ripened tomato


Cracked black pepper

You know what to do: slice the tomato to a thickness of your liking, sprinkle with salt and pepper, smear the bread with mayo, add your tomato slices. Top with another piece of bread, or leave open-faced. It’s up to you if you want to embellish with basil, or arugula, or olive oil. I take mine with just the ingredients listed, just like my mom, my aunts, and my grandma make.