Butter fruit or alligator pear .

by Brittany Grace

There are many love affairs that I sustain with different foods. One long lasting one is with the avocado.

Butter and fruit are two of my favorite things. Perfect that both words are used as a nickname for the beloved avocado. Or, as they say in India, butter fruit. An apt reference to the heavenly taste and texture. In China, it’s an alligator pear. Charming and clever, since it describes the outer appearance of the avocado to a tee.


Breakfast with a butter fruit / alligator pear sounded perfect this morning.

But not just a cut-up avocado thrown into my scrambled eggs. Sometimes, when in love, we have to change up our routine a bit. Spice things up and look at what has long been satisfying in a new light.

So I made my own version of papas bravas, with avocado and cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. This breakfast added a little fiesta to the start of a wet, bleak day.

And my love affair continues with gusto.


Avocado + olive oil mashed potatoes 

3-4 Yukon gold potatoes

1 avocado

1 clove garlic, chopped

3-4 tbs olive oil

1/2 tsp paprika

Juice from 1/2 lime

Salt, pepper

Fresh cilantro (optional)

Grab a few Yukon gold potatoes (or whatever other potatoes you have on hand), slice them into evenly shaped pieces, and boil them in salted water for a few minutes, just till slightly tender. Then toss them in a skillet with olive oil and some freshly chopped garlic. Let them brown a little on both sides (7-8 minutes) and add salt, pepper and paprika. After that, cut up your alligator pear, add it to the potato mixture, and mashed everything together with a potato masher. Finish with a few squeezes of lime and garnish with fresh cilantro.

Serve with eggs and/or toast. Also delicious on its own.


How do you take your avocado?